New Publication: Effect of pendant group on pDNA delivery by cationic-β-cyclodextrin:alkyl-PVA-PEG pendant polymer complexes. Aditya Kulkarni, Vivek Badwaik, Kyle DeFrees, Ryan A. Schuldt, Dinara S. Gunasekera, Cory Powers, Alexander Vlahu, Ross VerHeul, & David H. Thompson (2014). Biomacromolecules. DOI: 10.1021/BM401096V
Ross VerHeul
Welcome to my personal research website!

Thanks for visiting my website, where I highlight a sample my research interests and endeavors. To contact me or receive more information, please refer to my contact details found here.

I’m Ross VerHeul, a PhD candidate under the mentorship of Prof. David H. Thompson (Department of Chemistry), located in the Bindley Bioscience Center of Purdue University’s Discovery Park. My overall research interests stem from a desire to address meaningful scientific problems, particularly relating to health and disease, by assimilating previously unlinked ideas and technologies from various disciplines. More specifically, my current research includes developing novel polymer-based carriers for nucleic acid/drug delivery, designing new methods to rationally control nanoparticle assembly and properties via continuous and segmented flow microfluidics, exploring alternative approaches to improve protein crystallization successes, and engineering new strategies and devices to facilitate sample preparation in electron microscopy for single particle reconstruction.